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WindowsWeb hosting rates 2006:
Basic site: $20/mth
ColdFusion (database): $50/mth
ColdFusion (Ecommerce): $75/mth

We host web sites exclusively for customers who purchase our other services.

Linux hosting

Windows Web Hosting

Standard: ASP/ASP.NET, Perl and PHP enabled Hosting for building either basic HTML sites or fully dynamic environments. Include a FREE shopping cart and FREE site builder. From $20/mth.

If we collect information for you in a database, you'll need a more robust solution. ColdFusion: Unparalleled ColdFusion MX Hosting, with your choice of either CFMX 6.1 or CFMX 7.0. PHP and Perl also supported. From $50/mth.

You may find a cheaper solution, but our customers enjoy the benefit of calling a live person for help, without pressing a bunch of buttons or sitting on hold. Our business is built on service and controlling where your site resides frequently gives us the ability to respond quicker to unexpected needs.

The second most important reason for hosting with us is the extensive statistics that are available to you on demand.

With the web statistics you get for FREE, you can do more than just view your site's views, visits and hits. For example, use the Interactive Reports to track visitors as they navigate through your site, find out where people come from and how they get to you and where they are when they leave your site. All of this information can help you plan optimization techniques or gauge marketing effectiveness, and puts you on the road to converting visitors to sales.

Our server software is updated regularly to ensure optimimum performance. Client is responsible for fees to upgrade code on their web site if it is no longer compatible with the latest version. Dedicated hosting is also available from $80/month plus set up and all server software licenses.

Hosting is off-site with redundant back-ups.

All of the Information You Need to Monitor Traffic to Your Site

Over 70 Standard Reports, all both textually and graphically represented.
Most widely used stats (views, visits, hits, etc.) available immediately from the Welcome Page once you log in.

 Print or Email any Report Item for easy access to, and distribution of, traffic results.
 Retrieve log data from Today or on this day a year ago.

Manage Search Engine Traffic

 Keep an eye on which search engines are spidering your site and see how often they're visiting.
 Keep track of the most popular keywords people are using to find you, and even see which keywords they're using on each search engine.
 Use search engine reports in conjunction with Interactive Reports to track marketing campaigns and ROI.

Detailed Visitor Data

 Check site activity by Hour, by Day, by Month and by Day of Week.
 Check the top browsers and Operating Systems used to view your site.
 Visitor information by country (if outside the U.S.) and state (if within the U.S.) available.
 Find out where your visitors are coming from (referring sites, referring URLs, IP addresses, and more).

Statistics are available via email or by logging in to a web interface. You change your preferences on demand.


Access email via our web interface from anywhere when you are on the road, or use your own email program. Administrators can Add and delete email addresses on demand.

Why Schantz Inc's strategic hosting partner?

Our hosting partner support is what separates us from other hosting companies with 24/7 toll-free support. Our hosting partner DOES NOT outsource support. No matter how good third party support and help desk providers are, they will never know the systems, infrastructure and customers better than we do.
We support more features than other hosting companies without sacrificing service, support, or pricing, and bring enterprise-level solutions to all shared hosting Plans. For example, we provide:

 a static IP address with every hosting account, at no additonal monthly cost.
 spam and content filtering and virus scanning for every email account and every email message, at no extra monthly cost.
 the most advanced web site statistics and log analysis package in the industry, for every hosting account.
 our own datacenter, our own support structure, our own systems and infrastructure.
 the best and most comprehensive Control Center , completely designed and developed in house by CrystalTech developers.
 a low number of sites per server, reducing server overhead and ensuring server stability.
 true 24/7/365 support for every customer and every hosting account, including LIVE support via our toll-free telephone number.
 much, much more than the majority of other hosts out there

 We can actually claim and provide 99.5% uptime
 We provide the latest infrastructure / hardware used in the industry.
 We support the latest software applications which allow customers to leverage the latest technologies, while keeping security and server stability our upmost concern.

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