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Email Customer Relationship Management Solutions

Email solutions are offered to our web clients as a part of our total Internet solution package.

  create custom opt-in email list
  online email list management
  custom addressing..."dear Tom"
  export opt-in email lists for offline management and merge with other lists
  send to recipients based on your custom fields

We've tried many off the shelf products on behalf of our customers. You may find them useful for a small business operation or if you have dedicated staff for your email marketing. So far, none have met the needs of OUR customers.

Businesses want email management solutions because they work!

E-mail Blast Services

This service is offered only to select companies with in-house lists with whom we have a business relationship with list owner or their agents.

If you do not qualify, we have preferrred partners we can refer you to.

What we send

  The message you provide or one we create for you.

  Your email is personalized from your company and to the individual.

How we send it

  Your message can be delivered right away or scheduled for delivery starting at a specific day and time.

  Commercial-Grade, Direct Delivery: We connect directly to a mail host or relay server as directed by the Domain Naming Service's (DNS) address for each list item's domain. Many email broadcast services access public internet relay servers, and turn broadcasts over to those servers for actual delivery. However, since many systems classify mail from relay servers as spam, messages are blocked, and thus never reach their destination.

What the recipient gets

For those who have a large reach and a bigger budget to match their ROI opportunity. Services available:

  Every E-mail offers an immediate opt-out
  Email messages can be text, HTML or a combination of the two in a single message
  Text messages optimized for AOL recipients

Reporting and Measuring Results- choose what you want

  Include billing codes or reference information for identification of deliveries

  Audit of your deliveries - which messages were delivered and what happened to those that were not.

  Monitoring of click-through rates (how many opened the email), as well as collect replies and bounced messages all in one report. Opened HTML message reporting helps you analyze the acceptance of your message and effectiveness of the message's subject. Both unique and total opens are reported, as well as details on which recipient opened the message and when.

  You will always receive email replies from a portion of your target audience. Many of these replies are routine in nature (e.g. removal requests) but can be cumbersome to handle individually. Our server collects and summarizes the email replies to your message in an easy-to-use report.

List Maintenance

  We develop a 'never' email list for you.

  We de-dupe and maintain your list integrity with removals and new adds for each blast.

 .CSV file for use in your offline programs

Email Blast Fees & Production

  Delivery: Files received by noon any weekday will be delivered the next weekday morning or as requested
List: In House- customer must sign and attest the list is in-house and all addresses have previously opted in
Art: PDF and HTML Supplied

Onetime set-up email blast: $900.00
Email hosting (HTML Images) $100.00/month
Email Blast - 1st list $ 90.00 plus .10 per name
Add'l lists at same time $ 45.00 plus .10 per name / per list

Graphic Design $500.00 per html email
Versioning (text changes only) $100.00 ea. per version

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