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How Search Engines Work

Tip #1

Having more links to your site can help you get indexed more often and more quickly, particularly on Google which relies heavily on link popularity. It takes time to garner links other sites, therefore making fresh Web sites less likely to show up as quickly on Google as those that have been online for a while.

You can check your link popularity at
Google or

Tip #2

Use the compare feature in the link popularity check to compare yourself to the competition and to sites that currently rank higher than you. Click on details and find out where they are listed. Then add your web site to everyone you were not already in.

Were you hoping to find all the answers about how search engines work here?

This page would be outdated before it was posted live, which is why you need someone with experience. Christine Speedy, has been submitting sites since the pioneer days of 1995. Previously a regular speaker (before kids) on online marketing, and featured on AOL Who’s Who in Internet Marketing, Christine leads a team using the latest tools to get the results you’re looking for.

  Not all search engines use the same criteria
  Some decide what your site is all about based on its own algorithm of what words you have on your web pages (Flash sites will get nothing!)
  Some use your keywords
  Some decide by popularity- the more your link is clicked on, the higher your ranking goes. But you can be penalized for clicking on your link. Oh there are so many tricks people will try and computers that find solutions to beat them.

The techniques for each are different. To get the best results, you may need more than one domain, each with content targeting a specific search engine.

We primarily seek keyword positioning results via our tested marketing techniques, not pay for position a.k.a. 'sponsored mode' or 'pay per click'.

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