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Ecommerce shopping cart software solution

This ColdFusion shopping cart offers tons of built-in features and the flexibility to create add-on modules. In our experience, out of the box solutions rarely meet all of a customers needs.

With ColdFusion you won't need to spend a fortune customizing for your specific needs, because it takes about 60% less keystrokes than ASP. This shopping cart can be modified for search engine effectiveness. This solution is a cost effective alternative to Yahoo (you pay commission) and monstercommerce (can't modify code) stores.

ColdFusion ecommerce software- base shopping cart features

Store Design
Unlimited number and level of categories
Feature articles for creating site content pages
Categorize your features to create an online magazine!
Products, features and subcategories at any level
We completely customize your web store appearance
Use of style sheets for even more design control
Customizable store menus
Wide variety of custom tags you can easily use in your layouts for menus, shopping cart summary, store discounts, etc.
Create custom page templates (for more advanced users)

Product Management
Unlimited number of products
Unlimited number of product options (selections)
Assign products to multiple categories
Options can adjust product price, weight, SKU and number in stock
Product add-ons for additional items that can be added or entered for a product
Can create an add-ons that calculates price separate from product quantity (perfect for setup fees!)
Add-ons can adjust product price and weight
Turn Add-ons, options or option choices on and off
Automatic display of price with option or add-on
Can make an option or add-on required or not
Create standard options and Add-ons to use with multiple products
Optional layouts for products and options
Mark products as "New", "On Sale" or "Hot"
Assign product to a manufacturer, and display their logo on the product detail page
Assign product to a vendor for drop-shipping
Inventory control available to remove products from store if out-of-stock or allow backorders to be placed
Can send email notification when stock is below a certain level
Product copy feature makes adding similar products quick and easy
Custom fields for adding information on products
Support for electronic download products
Membership products to sell site access (online subscriptions, etc.)
Create quantity discounts for products
Ability to set a second set of prices for wholesalers
Can create related products for cross-selling
Add related features for additional information on your products
Image gallery allows you to add unlimited images to your products
Image upload and thumbnail creation features
Custom tags available for product search, teaser box, etc.
Turn off ordering for product to use as an informational site instead.

Site Access Features
Can set up permissions for groups and users
Built-in access control to various admin sections
Can create access keys to protect access to specific areas of your site
Can protect categories, features and products with access keys
Access keys can be assigned to groups or users or sold as a store product
Memberships can expire after a certain number of days

Order Management
Advanced filtering and search features to find orders
Can easily page through the orders after completing a search
Batch order printing feature
Print packing slips for your shipments
Advanced order editing to make adjustments to shipping cost, tax, order credits, etc.
Comprehensive drop-shipping features, send emails to multiple vendors when orders are placed or filled
Ability to manually or automatically create purchase orders for drop-shipping
Add notes, payment and shipping status information to orders
Send emails to customers with shipping and tracking information
Special Purchase Order section for drop-shipping information
Special Billing tab allows you to capture credit card funds after shipping
Can set user permissions to allow access to only certain areas and actions for order processing
Store reports to track sales, best-selling products, affiliate earnings, etc.
Customers can add gift messages and desired delivery date to orders
Customers can view their order history and order status
Search Engine Features
Default site-wide meta tags
Ability to add meta keywords and description to store categories, features and products
Special site map page that uses search-engine friendly URL's
Site map page can be used for customers as well, with alphabetic search feature
Two types of storewide searches included
Custom tags available for product and feature searches
Special page for automatic Verity indexing provided

Shipping and Tax Options
Automatic shipping rates for UPS and USPS, others using Intershipper
Alternatively, can create custom shipping tables by weight, number of items, or total price
Can add a base shipping and/or handling charge to all orders
Choose any number of shipping methods you want to offer (ground, next-day, etc.)
Create shipping rates for other countries
Ability to offer free shipping of your choice for orders over a certain amount
Tax rates by state, zip and/or country
Setting for tax on shipping

Store Discounts and Specials
Apply discounts by product, category or to the entire store
Can also base discount on total amount of order
Can group products together for a certain discount
Discounts can be based on a coupon code that customer must enter
Offer discounts only to certain user groups
Discounts can be a specific amount off, or a percentage
Discount can be offered if certain amount spent, or specific quantity purchased

Payment Options
Can set store to save or not to save credit card numbers
Common online processors available such as Authorize.Net, PayFlow Pro, Skipjack, SkyPay, Linkpoint, etc.
Additional processors can easily be added
Full PayPal IPN integration
Can log PayPal IPN results
Can automatically update status of pending PayPal transactions
Checks for valid credit card number and expiration date
CVV2 card code available for some processors
Option to accept offline orders (mail or fax payment)
Settings for processors to authorize only
Ability to later capture funds using the Billing tab in Order Management for some processors

User Management
Many settings available to customize how your store handles user accounts
Several different user signup forms available
Can require user accounts to checkout or allow guest checkouts
Optionally save birthdate or credit card information on file
Can require user to agree to Terms of Use for your site
Users can save any number of addresses to use for billing and shipping information
Optionally turn off state and/or country fields for address forms
User groups allow you to give certain users access to wholesale pricing, access keys, site permissions, etc.
Accounts are used for vendors, manufacturers, retailers, etc.
Can allow users to sign up for business accounts
Can use group codes to allow users to assign themselves automatically to a group
Account page for users with their order history, affiliate and account information, address book, etc.
Site uses a secure login to protect your users' passwords

Store Administration
Completely web-based administration allows access from anywhere with a web browser
Admin area features filters and search fields to help find specific records
Special editing forms available to do batch edits
Modular permissions allow you to give users access to only certain admin areas
Many settings available to customize how your store works
Send emails to subscribers, affiliates, customers or other user groups

Additional Store Features
Store works without javascript or cookies
Store affiliate features, allow users to sign up, set their referral percentage, etc.
Create and redeem gift certificates
Wish lists to allow customers to save favorite store items
Lots of built-in special templates such as email forms, new/sale products, store directory, etc.
Configure email confirmations for the store
Search and add customer addresses
Code is uses the standard Fusebox 3 methodology
Easy to learn code to customize for your customers
Full open source code included when purchased
100+ page documentation included, with special programmer's section covering all the fusebox circuits and other available custom tags


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