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Ecommerce shopping cart and software solutions

Ecommerce total solution includes:

  Competitive analysis
  Site Planning - content, keywords, design & functionality
  Site development with shopping cart and content management
 Search engine submission
 Original graphic design
  Web interface to administer your products and orders
  Hosting from $80/mth

Why Schantz Inc. for your ecommerce site?

  Hosted shopping cart or custom software solution- we'll analyze your needs and recommend the best. You've got choices!
  Would you like to know what your competitors prices are- today? What's on special? Secret agent solutions can deliver information about your competition in a manner that enables fast reaction to update your own web site.
  We specialize in search engine optimization and our cart technologies reflect that.
  You can always find cheaper. You can always find more features. What we offer is the RIGHT SOLUTION for YOU to earn the highest ROI.
  ASP, PHP, JSP, CF, XML- even if you don't understand the lingo, we do and we know what will work best for you weighing all the factors. Because we are independent, we can offer any solution without bias. Until you have 'operated' your store, most marketers don't realize what is missing from 'boxed' solutions.

What's the right solution for you? The is only way to find out is to contact us 954.942.0483 M-F, 9-5 ET!

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