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Schantz Inc. offers turnkey web development and marketing. Our service's range from planning and implementing new Web site strategies to helping drive quality traffic to your site. Our web makeovers for existing web sites boost sales and profits using the latest marketing and design techniques.

Why do companies choose Schantz Inc over the thousands of other web developers?

  • A happy customer referred them- over 90% of our business is referrals.
  • Our reputation for building web sites that can be found in search engines.
  • We're small enough to be responsive- over and over our customers will tell you we provide speedy service.
  • They like something in our portfolio- custom Internet/Intranet web sites, particularly those that need user friendly content management solutions or collecting data.
  • They don't see anything in our portfolio like they want, but understand we can build anything - whether basic web sites or interactive Flash.

In 1995, principal Christine Speedy began using the Internet as a marketing tool with client Blockbuster Video. Later she developed and implemented the first independent NFL team site - There is no substitute for her experience and understanding that comes with being on the forefront of building large scale web sites. screenshotWe offer web development and marketing services only to those that match our expertise. Top industries served:

 real estate (developers)
 b2b: marcom, print & graphics
 consumer products

We primarily service businesses with $5M to $50M for turnkey web services. We do not accept clients competing in the same market for identical search engine requirements. Everyone deserves our best!

Large corporations may wish to retain Schantz Inc. for project reviews, and updates as well as smaller projects. Before you fork over $250,000 or more, we'll review your project specifications, vendor proposals and even assist you with vendor selection. It's tough to write an RFP when you may not understand all the programming implications. Frequently what's missing is only noticed when the project is done. We help you translate marketing needs into programming specifications before you get started.

We believe our focus benefits customers with quicker development time, lower costs, and higher return on investment.

What we don't do:
We do not market web sites (search engine optimization and online ad buys) for those we have no other business relationship with. Marketing online is a process that begins before the site is ever built and we prefer to partner with companies needing a total solution.

Rates: Business strategy $250/hr, custom programming $175/hr, Creative services $150/hr, site updates & site maintenance $100/hr. Search engine marketing $100/hr. Other creative services including copywriting and photography are in the marketing section. Because we spend a significant amount of time on research and planning, even a small site starts at $5000 if you are using the site to grow your business.

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