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Please ask your account executive for the automated File Upload URL for your materials.

Getting started building your new web site

Our web development process

Whether big or small, we follow the same process for all sites. Some steps may be eliminated for web site makeovers. Work is started upon approved site outline and receipt of all materials.

What are your site objectives?
web development process What are the top 3 things, in order, you want your web site to do?
web development process What do you need on your web site now?
web development process What would you like now or the future?

Materials needed
web development process  low res images and photos you own the rights to - jpegs OK
web development process  logo, preferable TIFF
web development process  All copy in electronic format
 web development process Email addresses to be used on any data collection
 web development process Privacy policy information (resources and
 web development process Are you accepting credit cards? If yes, please request our supplemental materials for credit card processing requirements
  Do you need a response form? There are so many options we recommend you look at some on the web to get a better idea of what you want on your own.
web development process  What are the URL's of competitor web sites?
web development process  What are the URL's of web site designs you'd like to emulate? (this gives us a benchmark for creative discussion)
web development process  What keywords do you THINK people would search for to find your site?
web development process  What categories are you listed in the yellow pages under?

Web Hosting - if we are not hosting your web site, please provide your host
web development process  FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
web development process  web statistics login access
web development process  Cpanel or other control panel access (if we need to create email addresses or databases)
 web development process Platform, software, software version

Important decision
 web development process How often do you anticipate updating your web site?
 web development process Who will update your web site?
web development process  If not us, do you need a content management system?
web development process  Rank what's most important to you; ability to achieve high postiions in search results in Google and others; ability to update your own content; user friendly experience; awesome creative

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