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retail window sign

Above: One-Way-Vision · See-Thru Graphics! AdVision is a revolutionary new 3M™ product that covers windows while allowing for ONE-WAY-VISION. From outside the building, the graphics and photos look normal. From inside of the building, you can see right through the graphics, as if there were nothing there. It's similar to a tinted window... It's the best of both worlds!

see through window poster advision

Above: This image shows the difference in color density between 3M™ ScotchPrint™ and AdVision™ (perforated window film). The left side is printed at full density color on 3M™ ScotchPrint™. The right side is also printed at full density color, except it's printed on AdVision™. As you can clearly see the left side of the graphic is slightly more vibrant that the right side. The reason is simply because there is less material where the holes form the perforation. This perforation technology allows you to see right through image.

As an alternative, we also have a see-though mesh banner material. With this material, there is some see-through in both directions. The light easily passes through and this material is preferable for malls. The graphic hangs or you can afix corner stickies to attach to a window. Although also a mesh, the print process is different and allows greater detail for image.

Vehicle wraps: Our production partner has more than 10 years experience in the craft of applying vehicle wraps.
vehicle graphic wraps

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