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Benefits of a foreign trade zone

 Imports may be admitted and held in a foreign-trade zone without paying U.S. Customs duties.

 U.S. Customs duties are not due on are not owed on labor, overhead, or profit attributed to Foreign Trade Zone production operations

 Relief from inverted tariffs

 Duty exemption on re-exports- Merchandise may be exported from Foreign Trade Zone to another Foreign Trade Zone without duty payment.

 Foreign Trade Zone users can pay the duty rate on component material or merchandise produced from component material, whichever is lower.

 Custom duties are not paid on merchandise exported from a zone.

 Duty elimination on waste, scrap, and yield loss- Duties are reduced or eliminated on materials subject to defect, damage, obsolescence, waste, scrap or yield loss (e.g. chemical waste).

 Spare parts may be stored, returned, or destroyed without duty payment.

 Delays in Customs clearances and duty drawback are reduced or eliminated

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