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Packaging FAQ

Do you create mock-ups?
Yes. We produce mock-ups for folding cartons.

How much does it cost for mock-ups?
The first step is the creation of the engineered package. If you do not have that, we will create it for you. In most cases, engineering fees are credited to your account upon placing a print order. Prototypes are built for marketing and other divisions to examine a final product before going into production. Typically there are revisions. Budget at least $1000.

Do you create perfume bottles? Do you create shampoo & skin care mock-ups? Do you produce perfume?
No. We do not design or produce perfume bottles or manufacture perfumes. We recommend you visit the for more resources. We can create labels to place on existing 'blank' bottles you may have already sourced.

We have a new Nutriceutical product. Can you take my raw material and package it for me?
No. We do not work with raw materials. We will take the product in it's primary package to integrate with secondary packaging we create. At that point we can produce packaging, inserts, and other materials, put all the pieces together, and then provide shipping, warehousing, and inventory management. We can even fulfill ecommerce orders for you.

What kind of boxes do you make?
We produce folding cartons, blister cards and counter displays on a number of substrates. All work is designed to optimize overall fill, ship, and retail display needs. Because our clients have products in virtually every distribution channel, we know what to design for your marketplace.

Do you provide stock boxes?
No, everything we produce is custom made in our facilities. There are other companies that can provide white cartons in stock sizes. What we offer is packaging that is custom made to market your products exclusively.

Can you create a sample of a free-standing display?
Yes, with our large format printing capability, we can produce 1-100 corrugated displays with print overlay.

What is your minimum order quantity?
We do not have a minimum order quantity but because everything is custom made the set up costs become a greater portion of the total cost if quantities are small. Therefore, it probably makes sense to consider a "stock box" for quantities under 3,000.

How long does it take for a quote? Samples? To produce and order? To ship?
A non-complex job entails:
  quote 1-2 days
  Samples about 2-5 business days
  graphic design/ branding development 5-30 days
  3 weeks for new orders; repeat orders in 2 weeks
  1-4 days to deliver from NY plant
Times may be extended depending on the complexity and size of the project; we can also rush jobs, as our schedule permits.

Do you offer fulfillment services?
Yes, we offer a full line of contract packaging services, conveniently located in upstate NY. We provide carton filling, blistering, skin packaging and form/fill & seal to name a few of our services. We are ISO9002 and have a clean room that enables us to economically package a wide variety of pharmaceutical and medical device products.

Do you make E Flutes?
No. We outsource that. E flutes are double walled corrugated. We do no produce any corrugated in-house. Our specialty is paperboard and Flexo.


Can you hot foil stamp?
Yes, in addition to our flat stamping process we also have rotary capabilities that allow us to stamp larger areas.

How many colors can you print in one pass?
We can print up to 7 colors in one pass on our offset presses and up to 8 colors on our webflexo press, plus water based or UV coatings.

Can you provide blister-coating capabilities?
Yes, we offer both in-line water based and off-line solvent based coatings.

Do you have windowing capabilities?
Yes, our equipment is capable of placing two windows in one pass.

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