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Packaging Creative Brief

Package art design is an extension of your brand strategy. So for good creative, we'll need more than just some copy & images. We like to see the big picture. What is your ad agency producing now?

The package elements
Which comes first - engineering or marketing? Ideally marketing will come up with creative ideas, and then consult with engineering and production regarding feasiblilty and production costs. We have a lot of experience in the production end, so generally we'll ask questions related to your budget for the overall piece. We may rough out ideas, which are then used as guidelines for creation of the engineered package. Or, you may simply supply us with the dielines for the art.

This page refers primarily to the ART after the engineering has been completed.

The design brief
- items needed: packaging creative brief (pdf download <1MB)

- supporting research: either client supplied or we do it for you. Must include photos of shelf space you will be competing with or for (if not in store currently).

The dieline
We prefer to work from the beginning with dieline for respective items. If a folding carton, the packaging engineer will have the dieline. If a blister, the engineer should supply specifications with dimensions and or supply an insert dieline.

The concept

3D or flat? You decide whether you need 3D digital mock-ups or just flat art files. Flat art is substantially lower cost to produce, especially when multiple revisions are made. For cartons, frequently, we'll create a mock up of just the front for concept approval before creating the whole piece.

Art can be posted in our secure Client Project Management System for review by multiple people. This system lets you view and mark-up changes online. Or we can send electronically via any other method you specify.


Packaging design

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Package design example Package design example
At left- Walmart POP display

New designer additions


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