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Contract Manufacturing

Our contract packaging partner capabilities and expert staff allow us to deliver complete packaging services from start to finish. We specialize in product launches and have the expertise needed to bring your products to market on time.

 lot tracking
 secure warehouse
 operates in a Foreign Trade Zone
 ISO 9002-certified and cGMP compliant for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries
 registered with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for secondary packaging and labeling
 class 100,000 clean room for pharmaceutical and medical device products
 Equipment designed to accommodate everything from small-size gift packages to large-volume wrapping and cartoning orders.
 Plant engineer can design and convert equipment to fit your specific packaging needs. We're flexible!
 state of art facility increases productivity and reduces your time to market = cost savings

Service details

Source Tagging
We can apply electronic article surveillance (EAS) source tags such as Sensormatic® or Checkpoint® prior to delivery to retail stores, thus saving time and maintaining control of its placement.

Products can be automatically fed while polyester or foil material is formed around it.

FAQ answers

 We do not handle needles.
 Our primary plant is in the northeast.
 Lead times vary by project type from as little as a few days.
 We create kits and insert parts into a complete package.
 We do not handle raw medical materials and foods. For example, we can take your pill that has been inserted into a bottle or blister, but we do not fill bottles or blisters with pills.

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