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Why choose Schantz Inc?

1. Experience. If your situation is beyond our realm of expertise we'll tell you. However, your team consists of experts with 10 years experience or more, and in some cases generations of industry experience so we can handle most needs.

2. Strong ethics. Christine Speedy, President of Schantz Inc has an impeccable reputation for delivering as promised, as do any of our vendor partners.

3. We're objective. As an outsider we can help you make decisions that are sometimes difficult to make with internal staff.

4. Cost. If you are the type to get three quotes on every job you'll find we're somewhere in the middle. More importantly, we provide maximum value.

5. We listen. Tell us your problem and then we can talk about solutions. Frequently we'll give you instant feedback and then follow it up with more in depth recommendations after consideration of all the facts.

6. Strong analytical skills. Often, the challenge isn't in finding a solution, it's figuring out what the problem is in the first place. We'll help you develop a full and accurate picture of problems, solutions, and the various repercussions of those solutions.

7. Creativity. Everything we do is original.

8. Size. We're small enough to give you personal service, yet large enough to meet your deadlines and cover for absences for health and vacations. And guess what? We are great project managers with access to experts across the country. We'll consult them as needed providing you even more value.

9. We're local in South Florida. Call and we'll schedule a meeting to discuss your project right away.

Make sure your this is your consultant's "real" job. Your work will never be a priority for an unemployed or moonlighting packaging professional. To ensure your project gets the attention it deserves, hire a professional packaging consultant.

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