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Packaging Comps File Prep

Instructions vary depending on the project so please check with your account manager.

Mock ups with Flat size under 12"X18"

sheet size is 12" x 18"
Live area cannot exceed 11.6" x 17.2", including all crop marks

File formats:

  • Illustrator or Freehand- CMYK EPS only
  • Photoshop - CMYK EPS files without DCS separations; TIFF files without compression., not RGB. Don't use PICTS or JPEGs.

Entire document should be in CMYK without DCS color separations. 200 dpi at 100% is fine.

Avoid large, flat tints or blends in your design. We recommend adding noise using the Photoshop filter or some sort of texture. Digital presses have a hard time laying down large, solid areas of color without streaking or banding.

Use a rich black (screen mix: 40% cyan; 40% magenta; 0% yellow; and 100% black) for black areas. However, stay away from rich blacks on type smaller than 36pt. or thin lines on graphics.

  • Preflight
  • Embed color profile
  • Include a copy of all typefaces used, including those used in the EPS files.

If you are printing on transparent material and need white, or if you are adding a metallic, you must add a 5th layer to your file for that element. CMYK + other.

If you need Pantone color matching, create your file in CMYK and note the areas you are trying to match. For metallics, make it a separate layer.

Download the order form Packaging Mock-up Order Form

Upload your art file or use a Free online service such as For large files, request a private FTP account.




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