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From our start in packaging graphic design, prototype production, and packaging photography, Schantz Inc has evolved with its' strategic partners to offer several generations of experience for every step in the product packaging process.

  packaging creative services
  packaging structural design
  proofing, packaging comps, mock-ups, prototypes
  packaging printing
  specialty hot foil stamping, window, glue
  contract manufacturing (we put your product(s) in a box, add security tags, inventory, ship etc)
  packaging photography

Avoid these costly errors!
  packages that don't fit on the hooks at the stores you want to retail in
  packages that are too big for the shelf space your retailers offer
  contract manufacturing that does not meet Walmart and others crate & ship rules

We don't just print boxes, we make you more profitable by delivering your product-
  in a package that tells consumers BUY ME
  in a package that someone will put in their store
  in bulk or fulfillment on demand

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