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Content Management Solutions

There are basically four types of solutions:

  custom programming to your specifications
  hosted publishing solution, popular for personal sites and small businesses
  software for your desktop
  Enterprise level software (typically modified)

In the 90's custom code was the way to go as out of the box solutions never seemed to meet client needs. Today, there is a solution for every budget and every need. A talk with one of our consultants will help you quickly determine the best solution for your budget.

Professionally Designed HTML Sites

We frequently recommend a software based solution. For less than $200, you can use software that will let you make updates as easily as typing in MS Word, while still maintaining the branded look. Read about macromedia contribute.

Flash Sites

Because Flash is actually a movie, you cannot update Flash files without the software. The changes need to be made in the original application and then uploaded to the server.

PHP, ColdFusion, and Other Dynamic Sites

Programmers can create any type of interface you need to update your own site.

Low Budget

A small business using our hosting service can:

  choose a template
  add, delete, change sections
  add, delete modify text and graphics
  Post your changes live on the web.

This solution is primarily used for web sites needing less than 10 pages and where search engine optimization is not critical. Example - you are having an event and the site is only needed for a short time to promote it.

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