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retractable banner stand Quick 2000

The solution for low cost retractable display

  Making a big statement in sales presentations.
  Hotel and office lobby displays against a wall.
  Replacing big bulky booths at one day events.
  Protecting prints against shipping damage & frequent up/down use.

retractable banner stand photo replacement image retractable bannerstand discount budget

image shown is a fabric print

  no tools are needed for field use
 graphic retracts into display, protecting the print from damage during transportation

Durability: If your Quick 2000 malfunctions from normal use, the manufacturer will replace it. Retractable displays are perfect for untrained employees who may inadvertently damage unprotected prints on hanging displays.

Footprint: The unit base is 3.5 " and the total footprint is 15" with support bar extended. Weight 3.7 kgs.

TIP: Choose the Quick 2000 as the alternative to Expand Quickscreen 1 when you need lower cost, and prefer retractable display vs. hanging display.

Units include base hardware, 3 part pole with bungee cord, key for interior access and soft carry case. Replacement posters are from $255 each, including installation. We do not recommend customers replace the prints. Unit has a high tension device which may be damaged by inexperienced personnel and we recommend the unit be returned for replacement prints- installed at no cost with any print order.


INTRODUCTORY OFFER Chrome 33.5" X 80" wide with fabric print. In stock- ships- within 3 days of file receipt.

Compare to the Quickscreen 1 at $659
Regular Online Price $439



- customer to complete a short product satisfaction survey on receipt and to periodically assess long term performance.

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Compare Quick 2000 to Expand Quickscreen:

Items Quickscreen Quick2000 comments
materials heavy duty grade aluminum heavy duty grade aluminum no discernable advantage to either
weight 4.6 kg (10 lbs 2 oz) 3.5 kg q2000 lighter
physical dimensions 33 7/16" X 78 3/4" 33 3/4" X 80" Q2000 slighter bigger print area
support bar tightly hinged solid flat bar hinged looping bar The Quickscreen design puts the bar closer to the base whereas the Q2000 has about a 1/8" gap. In most cases this will make no difference. However, in high traffic convention center aisles, the Quickscreen has an edge for stability.
retracting graphic From the outside, the design appears to be virtually identical, including the extension pole. The graphic tension is high for both units. However in a comparison test, the Quickscreen more reliably retracted directly into the unit base with lightweight fabric. The Q2000 required special care to ensure that the print did not get off track and subsequently bend the graphic (Have you ever sent a not-too-perfect fax page and watched your paper get crumpled in the feeder? ) Does this matter? It depends on who will be setting up and taking down the unit and how many times the same print will be used. The untrained novice who will not get any field support (i.e. multiple users or high turnover in users) may be better off with a Quickscreen. If you have any experience with the Quickscreen, or employees who are meticulous about doing things right, then you need only be aware that this product may required a little extra care when taking down the graphic- just go slower- and it works beautifully! Additionally, we are including the sturdier laminated print with our introductory offer.

Our prints are exceptional. We do not use low cost vinyl unless by customer request. We apply a semi-gloss laminate finish to your print (always included always try to match critical colors, like logos. Just include a note in the comments space when you upload your file. For an additional $75 we will send you a reduced size proof to validate color prior to printing and installing your graphic.

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