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SPECIAL OFFER Buy our most popular display- the Quickscreen 3 Grey 33.5" wide with brilliant laminated inkjet print. In stock- ready for immediate shipment.


For maximum flexibility, you'll need an extra field changeable Quickscreen 3 cartridge. 33" wide in stock ready for immediate shipment.

CARTRIDGE W/ 1200 DPI premium laminated print

For those in the trade, you can purchase field changeable Quickscreen 3 cartridges without prints. 33" wide in stock ready for immediate shipment.

After completing checkout, you will be directed to a page to upload your art file now, or just bookmark it to send your file later. Additional comments can be added to your file upload.

Quickscreen 3

The solution for field changeable prints

  Making a big statement in sales presentations.
  Hotel and office lobby displays against a wall.
  Replacing big bulky booths at one day events.
  The frequent Quickscreen traveler.
  Protecting prints against shipping damage & frequent up/down use.


Interchangeable Cartridges: Instead of sending back the Quickscreen unit to replace graphics as in the Q1 and Q2, users can immediately install pre-loaded print cartridges on site. You'll have 100% up time!
  When you need new graphics at the last minute, simply order a new print with cartridge and have it shipped to you wherever you are, without the expense of purchasing an entire new Quickscreen.
  If you share a Quickscreen among many users, you can stock different prints in advance. Users load the print most appropriate for their use.
  Marketing departments can ship new graphics out to remote offices, without requiring the remote offices to send back their units.

Durability: Prints are laminated and retract into the sturdy aluminum base unit when not in use. If your Quickscreen malfunctions from normal use, we'll replace it. Expand Quickscreen's are 'road warriors' perfect for untrained employees who may inadvertently damage unprotected prints on hanging displays.

Footprint: Less than 7" width is needed so it fits snug against any wall.

TIP: Choose the Quickscreen 3 when you need the durability of a retractable display and the flexibility to change graphics on demand. With 2 cassettes(one included and one spare), just mail the extra cassette back for print replacement, and you can still use the Quickscreen 3.

Units include a poster printed from your file, carry case, and shipping box.

Other brands don't compare. Our staff have been selling Quickscreen Expand units for 10 over years with only 2 returns in that time- one from a customer disassembling the unit and the other one a manufacturer failure (free replacement). Other brands tested have an estimated 10% failure rate within 6 months. Our customers generally don't have time to waste when it comes to marketing.

Our prints are exceptional. We do not use lower cost vinyl or fabric unless by customer request.

- 1200 dpi print
- 7 mil paper
- semi-gloss top coat
- 5 mil gloss backer

We always try to match critical colors, like logos. Just include a note in the comments space when you upload your file. For an additional $75 we will send you a reduced size proof.


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