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Quickscreen 2

The two sided solution!

Size configurations vary from the standard 33 1/2” X 80” to 40” X 87”

  Conference schedule displays.
  Sponsored events at conferences.
  Open areas in large trade show displays.


Durability: Prints are laminated and retract into the sturdy aluminum base unit when not in use. If your Quickscreen malfunctions from normal use, we'll replace it.

Footprint: Less than 7" width is needed so it fits snug against any wall.

Set-up: In less than 2 minutes even for a novice, everyone loves the portability. The retractable print rolls right back into the base to protect it from 'unknown injuries' on the road.


From $ per unit including a poster printed from your file, carry case, and shipping box. Replacement posters include installation.

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