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SPECIAL OFFER Quickscreen 1 Chrome 33.5" wide with brilliant laminated inkjet print.

Regular Price $695

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The Quickscreen 1 should be returned to dealer (that's us) for replacement prints. You may optionally purchase just the Quickscreen unit without a print, however, the warranty may be voided if the unit has been opened, due to potential damage to the high tension spring.

Do you have critical colors? Add a proof for $75. Reduced size or 100% of a section.


Quickscreen 1

The original

Ideal for the well traveled display unit, it is seemingly indestructible to the abuses of road warriors. You can put three together for a 10’ booth.

Size configurations vary from the standard 33 1/2” X 80” to 40” X 87”

  Making a big statement in sales presentations.
  Hotel and office lobby displays.
  Replacing big bulky booths at one day events.
  Supplementing larger displays with highly targeted messages.


Durability: Prints are laminated and retract into the sturdy aluminum base unit when not in use. If your Expand Quickscreen malfunctions from normal use, we'll replace it.

Easy Travel: At 5" x 5" x 3' and only 10 lbs in the soft carry case, this big impact unit is the easiest to carry and travel with.

Sturdy: The 18" swivel base provides added support, excellent for the 87" pole option and heavy traffic areas.

Set-up: In less than 2 minutes even for a novice, everyone loves the portability. The retractable print rolls right back into the base to protect it from 'unknown injuries' on the road.

From $695 per unit including a poster printed from your file, carry case, and shipping box. Replacement posters include installation.

Other brands don't compare. Our staff have been selling Quickscreen Expand units for 10 over years with only 2 returns in that time- one from a customer disassembling the unit and the other one a manufacturer failure (free replacement). Other brands tested have an estimated 10% failure rate within 6 months. Our customers generally don't have time to waste when it comes to marketing.

Our prints are exceptional. We do not use lower cost vinyl or fabric unless by customer request. We apply a semi-gloss laminate finish to your print (always included always try to match critical colors, like logos. Just include a note in the comments space when you upload your file.

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