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We offer quality and unique products that fulfill our core goal- increasing your company profitability.

Retractable Display Systems

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Imax Q2000

Hanging Display Systems

Duo.sprint 98 / Duosprint S3
Duosprint Freestyle 78 NEW

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Pop up booth & display

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We offer many portable, lightweight display systems that take less than 5 minutes to set up. Call for more trade show display options.

What’s the difference between a retractable and hanging display system?

Retractable display units have a system for your picture to automatically roll up inside for the ultimate protection during shipping and transporting. You open them much like a window shade. Benefits over hanging systems:
schantz arrow Greatest protection for your posters
schantz arrow  Everything closes into a single unit

Hanging display units have a display unit and your poster unit. Benefits over hanging systems:
 schantz arrow You can change configurations any time you want- need a wider poster? Would you like to change from floor length to half size with a brochure rack? Just order new print units and change on demand.
 schantz arrow Because they don’t need full housing for the poster, they are usually lighter.

When should I choose a pop-up display? The biggest reason for the shift to 3 quickscreens (or other units) has been to reduce shipping costs, simplify set up, and reduce costs. Especially for more technical trade shows, there has been no let up in the desire for the traditional pop-up display. For some there is no substitute for the professional image of a curved wall or L shaped pop-up with 'seamless' graphics. (Actually they usually have seams but they may be harder to see.) If you reuse the same graphics (or have a bigger budget to change them) and have multi-day trade shows the pop-up may be for you.

Software solutions are now available for
schantz arrow  Image management
 schantz arrow Creating sales and marketing collateral - print versioning
 schantz arrow Ordering and distributing sales and marketing collateral - print management
Typically these solutions require expensive enterprise level software, but we can customize your solution for a fraction of what you would expect---with unparalleled features.

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