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Collateral Versioning

Do you have many sales offices or franchises that need custom sales collateral? Would you like to control your brand, yet offer flexible collateral ordering?

PowerDocs, an on-line Documents on Demand solution, enables modifications of text and images to existing collateral, and the instant creation of press ready files. The web-based service is for documents, direct mail, advertising and other collateral that are created repeatedly, with minor text and image changes. Clients can make these alterations to predefined fields via Intranet or Internet networks, and immediately create a press ready file or printing work order. No special knowledge, training or software is required. Users can download and distribute the file for approvals before ordering printing, which is also available on-line. With the Queue manager, users can later order the printing, schedule reorders, or make modifications to an existing file.

  high return on investment for repetitive work
  immediately download press proofs for approval unlike other systems
  simple print management- multiple print vendors for fulfillment OK
  shorten cycle to respond to internal customer needs
  shorten sales cycle with on-demand printing to specific needs

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