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Collateral and Print Management

Where do you go when you need additional sales collateral? If you only need a few, do you have to order 1000? You’ll reduce shrinkage, labor costs, and printing costs with a total solution for all your sales and marketing collateral needs. We include

  online collateral management system
  online print ordering system
  digital printing on demand
  just in time printing fulfillment

On demand printing and fulfillment: Previously a company might print 1000 (or more) of everything and ship to each country or facility because traditional processes were not conducive to lower quantities. With digital printing each location orders exactly what they need--20, 100, any quantity. Regional offices also have the flexibility to print locally for larger quantities when shipping becomes less economical. We’re flexible and can work with your existing fulfillment facilities for just in time delivery of materials, reducing warehousing, shipping and shrinkage costs. We can also manage all that for you.

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