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Expand Tower display

The Expand Tower Display can be used all by itself or as part of a booth.
Attract attention from all directions

The Expand Tower is a highly effective medium for attracting a little extra attention. On a small floor surface, the circular shape allows you to come up with different and creative solutions and is an excellent way of displaying your logo. To add more emphasis to the message, there are two lighting alternatives to choose from. The Expand Tower comes in a practical nylon bag.

Cylinder shape that stands out
Excellent for attracting attention in a busy location
Diameter: 26" (66 cm). Height: 88 9/16" (225 cm)

  Trade show displays
  Hotel, convention center, and airports
  Long term graphics display


Durability: Expand hardware is known for it's durability. As with all hanging displays, exercise care when storing graphics. Roll with the print side FACING OUT.

COMPARE TO Coyote tower :

Compare Coyote Tower Expand Tower
reliability generally reliable proven
hardware price from $1620* from $1799*
ease of use 9 magnetic bars 3 magnetic bars
size 24" diameter 26" diameter
weight 25 lbs 10 lbs
carry case cloth cloth
warranty 1 year lifetime

* see online store for current pricing

Our prints are exceptional quality and used by the many notable Fortune 100 companies.

expand tower bag


expand backlit tower

The Expand Tower is available in 2 different sizes.

- 3X1 - 88" standard

- 4X1 - 117" custom build

- backlit or laminated graphics

We deliver 1200 dpi premium graphic panels to create professional graphic systems that can be reused again and again. ALWAYS ROLL PRINT SIDE FACING OUT.

- optional accessory spotlights for external lighting or flourescent tubes for backlit displays.

- optional hard case with rollers.

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