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Expand SmartStand hanging banner display

Flexible marketing display

  Making a big statement in sales presentations.
  Hotel and office lobby displays against a wall.
  Replacing big bulky booths at one day events.
  Trade show attention grabbers-custom message for every show


  Adjustable telescopic pole to vary the height up to 82"
  Widths: 60, 80 and 100 cm. approx 23.5,31.5,and 39.5"

  Use as single or double sided
  Attractive modern look
  Optional clip to hang in windows, on wall or from ceiling

The Expand Smart Stand is attractively designed and takes up very little floor space. It is easy to assemble and is very lightweight. The expand Smart Stand is available with or without lighting, and comes in an optional nylon bag.

Durability: Expand hardware is known for it's durability. As with all hanging displays, excersise care when storing graphics. Roll with the print side FACING OUT.


Compare duosprint 98 Expand smartstand
reliability proven proven
hardware price slightly lower cost  
appearance small footprint more modern look, high polished legs
ease of use practically sets iteself up easy enough to figure out
flexibility Widths: 23.62", 31.5", 39.37", 47.25"; height to 98" Widths: 23.5", 31.5" and 39.5" ; height to 82"
weight 7 lbs under 5 lbs
carry case included optional

Our prints are exceptional. We do not use lower cost vinyl or fabric unless by customer request. We apply a semi-gloss laminate finish to your print (always included always try to match critical colors, like logos. Just include a note in the comments space when you upload your file. For an additional $75 we will send you a reduced size proof.


Package 1

  • 31.5"X48" print
  • hardware
  • carry case
  • free shipping

  • Regular Price $560

Package 2

  • 31.5"X82" print
  • hardware
  • carry case
  • free Fedex Ground shipping

    Regular Price $595

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