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Expand BannerStand hanging banner display

Expand BannerStand is specially designed for companies that want a flexible system that can be tailored to different needs and requirements.

With Expand BannerStand, you can create exciting meeting places with your customers quickly and easily – wherever they may be. Use your creativity and imagination to arrange both expected and unexpected meetings with your target audience.

  Retail displays
  Hotel and office lobby displays against a wall.
  Long term graphics display


  Sizes- Width: 40, 60, 70, 80 and 100 cm; 15 6/8”, 23 5/8”, 27 4/8”, 31 4/8” and 39 3/8”
Height: 140, 180, 200, 220 and 250 cm; 55 1/8”, 70 7/8”, 86 5/8” and 98 3/8”. Measures in inches are approximate.

  Attractive modern look

The Expand Banner Stand is attractively designed and takes up very little floor space. It is easy to assemble and is very lightweight. How to set up an Expand BannerStand. The expand Banner Stand is available with or without lighting, and comes in an optional nylon bag.

To create larger images, several Expand BannerStands can be combined for a seemless look with the optional mag strip

Durability: Expand hardware is known for it's durability. As with all hanging displays, exercise care when storing graphics. Roll with the print side FACING OUT.

COMPARE TO Expand smartstand:

Compare Expand Bannerstand Expand smartstand
reliability proven proven
hardware price from $280 from $225
appearance small footprint visible legs
ease of use see directions easy enough to figure out
flexibility 5 widths; 4 heights; 21 sizes overall Widths: 23.5", 31.5" and 39.5" ; adjustable height to 82"
weight 7 lbs under 5 lbs
carry case optional optional
warranty lifetime  

COMPARE TO Duo Display Relay backwall :

Compare duo.relay/duo backwall Expand Bannerstand
reliability proven proven
hardware price from $185 per section from $325 per section
appearance small footprint - legs are visible. Print starts about 4" off floor small footprint - leg is behind stand, not visible as graphic extends to floor
ease of use see directions see directions

Create 8', 10' or 20' backwalls; flexible heights up to 98"

add more hangars to make 2 sided

5 widths; 4 heights; 21 sizes overall
weight 9 lbs per section 11 lbs per section
carry case optional optional
warranty lifetime lifetime
Seam magnetic strip magnetic strip
Dealer comments

Why customers prefer the Expand:

  • when using for multiple events
  • for sturdy solution without gaps
  • easier to line up multiple units; additional clamp at top to keep units together

compare expand backwall to orbus backwall:

Orbus is less sturdy for and thus harder to set up in a straight line

Our prints are exceptional. We do not use lower cost vinyl or fabric unless by customer request. We apply a semi-gloss laminate finish to your print (always included always try to match critical colors, like logos. Just include a note in the comments space when you upload your file. For an additional $75 we will send you a reduced size proof.


The Expand BannerStand is available in 21 different configurations. For your convenience these numbers are for estimating ONLY:

- 24" Stand with bag $280

- 31.5" Stand with bag $299

- 39.4" Stand with bag $325

- 31.5" X 86" Stand with bag and print $599

- Seamless wall as shown below: 2 Expand Banner Stands (31.5" X 86 5/8") with patented magnetic connecting system, trade show graphics, and soft carry case. $1378

- Seamless wall (7.87 ft) includes 3 Expand Banner Stands (31.5" X 86 5/8") with patented magnetic connecting system, trade show graphics, and soft carry case. $1754

We deliver 1200 dpi premium graphic panels to create professional graphic systems that can be reused again and again. ALWAYS ROLL PRINT SIDE FACING OUT.

- accessory light $119 with display purchase

Please call 954.942.0483 for a quote, 9-5 EST. or visit our online store


Nylon bag
Expand BannerStand comes in a practical nylon bag with carry strap.

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