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Expand Mediascreen XL display

NEW Sets up in less than a minute! This extra wide, extra tall banner is exceptionally suitable for big bold images.

Reach higher than your competitors
Thanks to the extra height, your message reaches above the competition’s. Choose a height up to 3 metres (10 feet)!

Create a large image wall with a simple “click”
You can also easily join two or more Expand MediaScreen XL, creating an even larger marketing display. Expand’s patented magnetic coupling is located at the top of the sides of the upper profile and allows you to join the displays with a simple “click”.

Perfect as a back drop
Expand MediaScreen XL is perfect as a backdrop for exposing logos, images, marketing messages or information at trade shows, corporate general meetings, press conferences and in shopping centres.

The variation in size makes for great freedom when creating the artwork
The Expand MediaScreen XL offers great variation, both sideways and height-wise. This makes for great freedom in making the proportions of the artwork, since you can choose from several heights and also add on sideways (join several displays).

Easy set up and carriage
You set up an Expand MediaScreen XL in one minute and it is delivered in a bag. To join several displays, simply put them together and they connect with a simple “click”.

expand display feature Any indoor situation you need a big impact picture
expand display feature  High impact colors and graphics
 expand display feature Trade shows

expand display feature Expand MediaScreen XL sets up in about 1 minute!
expand display feature 5 units = fantastic 10' high, 20' wide wall to stand above the crowd and make big impact

Compare Expand Media Screen XL to Expand 2000 pop-up display:

2000 is for the trade show purist. Media Screen XL is for those who have some flexibility. Additionally, check your show height requirements- you can lower the Mediascreen XL to 8 feet by removing the top bar in back (stays attached, just pull out & hang down) .


Look at the height of the woman relative to the display system. It's hard to appreciate just how big the impact is until you see this system in action! In our first showing, other exhibitors sent representatives to find out where they could buy this product.

Expand MediaScreen XL display package
shown:(3) Expand MediaScreen XL with optional graphic panel. 12' X 10'.

Package price for 3 units, including CMYK graphic panels on PVC: $2985

Includes all hardware, graphic, as shown plus a nylon bag. Send us your art file and you are ready to go. We recommend 10 business days for new customers to allow for time to proof graphics, ship overnight for approval etc. Usually ships in 3 days. Faster production times can usually be met- just ask!

Call for rental information.


Tip: Buy this PACKAGE when you need a big impact image, and do not change graphics frequently. It's perfect for a event backdrop, retail stores, lobby displays and trade shows.

Shown below- no special tools or attachments needed- magnets pull units together at top & bottom automatically.

backwall display


Shown left: Our very first Mediascreen XL display in action. Also shown on the far left you can see the white edge of a standard Expand 2000 pop up display - that's the height you can expect most of your trade show neighbors to be at. Shown on the right edge is a standard height Quickscreen 2 retractable display. Anyone approaching towards the booth front is pulled in by the high impact image. Anyone approaching from the back side sees a message (that's a two sided retractable display) to draw them in. Not shown: chairs set up by the Quickscreen 2 created a small semi- private area to talk.

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