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Expand MediaFabric display

Expand MediaFabric is probably one of the fastest ways to create the right impression. In less than a minute you can set up a picture wall with a surface area of more than five square metres (approx. 54 sq. ft.).
Half a minute and a few simple steps are all your customers need to reach their target audience. Expand stands for design and quality, and now with Expand MediaFabric, it stands for unbeatable flexibility in any kind of environment.

 Any indoor situation you need a big impact picture
  High impact colors and graphics
  Trade shows

 Expand MediaFabric sets up in about 1 minute!
 Weighs only 11 lbs.
  Flexible size choices: from 30 5/16" x 30 3/4" to 145" X 88 5/8", including 10' booth sizes.
 Portable: Graphic stays on even when you put it away, due to the flexible fabric. Just squeeze it down, put it in the bag, and off you go.



Compare Expand Media Fabric to Expand 2000 pop-up display:

2000 is for the trade show purist. Because the print is on paper, you have more flexibility with design. With the MediaFabric you'll want deep & bold colors because the fabric is very lightweight, not white space.


expand mediafabric pop up display

Expand MediaFabric display package

shown: Expand MediaFabric 3X3 with optional graphic panel and halogen lighting. 88 3/16 " X 88 3/16"h. (That's about 7.5 ft sq-)

Package price as shown above: $1699

This unit is packaged in our most popular configuration. Includes all hardware, graphic, 2 lights as shown plus a nylon bag. Send us your art file and you are ready to go. We recommend 10 business days for new customers to allow for time to proof graphics, if desired. Faster production times can usually be met- just ask!


Tip: Buy this PACKAGE when you need a big impact image, and do not change graphics frequently. It's perfect for a retail stores, lobby displays and trade shows.



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