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duo.sprint banner stand 98 set up

The above demonstrates the duo.sprint S3. It reflects the hangar system BEFORE 2/1/2007. Download duosprint instructions for set-up (PDF).

Image A - new carry case. It is black fabric with a hard corrugated core interior to protect contents. I like it better than the flexible yellow case to protect banners rolled inside. Adjustable shoulder strap and business card holder are not shown in image.

Image B- Close up view of the hanger center. The little notch is smaller and more stable. It hangs on the header hangar shown below.

ALERT ALL HANGARS SHIPPING AFTER 2/1/2007 NO LONGER HAVE THE NOTCH. IT IS NOT NEEDED. Slide your top hangar along the groove shown in the header hangar below.

Image C-The twist lock knobs shown are with the extension pole collapsed for storage.

Image D - hangar kicker set with self adhesive strips ready to peel off. The metal one is placed at the top of your poster. Remove the adhesive strip and lay the bar down as shown, with notch to top as in Image B. Starting at one end, slowly lay your poster across the bar. If you have any bubbles, slowly peel back the problem area and start again. Each set is designed for one use.

The black vinyl piece is the kicker and is shown in the correct position to lay your banner across.

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