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older style duo sprint banner stand compare with others

What's the difference between the duosprint 98 and duosprint 78 hanging banner displays?

How can I tell which model duosprint I have? I have an older duo- can you sell me hangars? Yes, with some limitations- see below.

Compare duo 1- the original duo freestyle- duo 78 duo 2.0
duo 2.4
duo 98
duo98 _2005
mfr date /sold date (approx)

mid 90's to early 2000




model #






model # hangar/kicker






sold out-
no known sources for replacement hangars

usually in stock- all sizes

no longer in stock- we carry the latest version. Please note that some of our materials will still use DUO 98 code- not S3-sprint. We think using 78 vs 98 causes less confusion than 78 vs S3.

usually in stock- all sizes

height extension


duosprintold style top


98" The key difference with the introduction of duo 2.0- duo 98 was the 2nd extension shown here. Quality construction, ease of use, made this a natural modification to fit well in 10 foot booths.


The pole can actually reach a whopping 115" high including feet, but your graphic height is maximum 98".

The latest version has a stronger top for the hangar- no modifications to the actual hangars. we never experienced trouble but there were reports of occasional chipping of top notch


top notch for hangar (see above)

about 1.5" wide

1" wide

1" wide

1" wide


3 bottom pieces practically fall into place with bungee cords

screw in the 3 bottom leg pieces (no tools needed)

3 bottom pieces practically fall into place with improved bungee cord construction

3 bottom pieces practically fall into place with new improved bungee cords

NOTE: The top hangar was updated in Q1 2007. The notch is gone and replaced by a red dot to guide you to middle spot. Just slide your graphic onto the pole for a sturdy fit.

carry case

yellow tube

duo plastic tube

none- ships in a plain cardboard tube. Add a label to outside for shipping.

duo freestyle tube

cloth carry case with strap and extra sturdy interior core. Just toss into a fedex 'small bag' and put on a label

.duosprint cloth case


bottom kicker

hangar/kickers were both plastic


adjustable bottom ring for kicker- no tools required

when 1st launched, required torque wrench to adjust bottom kicker

adjustable bottom ring for kicker- no tools required

You won't find a more cost effective solution with this quality anywhere! With over 7 years selling nationally, we have had 1 duo return - manufacturer replaced FREE. Hangars and kickers are inspected prior to shipping for quality control- only 3 defects returned (free replacement and no shipping charge) since 1998!

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