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The 2004 duo 98- Left image below: the kicker ring at the bottom can be adjusted to any height. A hex tool is needed to loosen and retighten. The protective blue mesh covers the legs for added surface scratch protection during shipping.

right image above: simply twist the black knob to loose tension and adjust the height of the pole.

In 2005, the bottom ring was modified. The ring can be adjusted up or down using the side thumbscrew- the hex tool is no longer required.

duo.sprint hanging banner stand

Everyone loves the duo.sprint for it’s flexibility. Change the height, change the width- it's easy. With only three pieces (the print, stand and box) it practically falls together when you take it out of the box, so you can get busy with more important work.

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Trade shows- eliminate clutter by featuring a new product and having the sales brochure rack right on the display. Shown below in 24", 32", 40" and (2) 24" units with magnetic back for seamless look.

duosprint display hanging bannerstand The duo.sprint is adaptable.
duosprint display hanging bannerstand 3 standard widths 23.62", 31.5", 39.37",plus an extra wide
duosprint display hanging bannerstand Telescopic height up to 118"
duosprint display hanging bannerstand Use the same base for every use
duosprint display hanging bannerstand Add a brochure rack.
duosprint display hanging bannerstand Weight in carry case is less than 5 lbs.
duosprint display hanging bannerstand Add a second print for double sided display
duosprint display hanging bannerstand Change graphics on site.

(1) telescopic pole- legs are permanently attached by spring cord. maximum height 118 "
(1) set self adhesive hanger & kicker
(1) transport case: rugged black cloth covers rigid interior support for shipping

Budget crunchers. You'll even save on shipping costs over other display systems too.

See Poster is printed from your supplied file. Flexible carry case included. 4” X 9” and 8.5” X 11” attachable lucite literature racks are available.

Duosprint layout tips

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