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duo relay backwall brochure and installation instructions
(1.4 MB PDF)

Fit a lightweight 10’ backwall with lights in the exclusive case.

duo.relay backwall graphic system

With a duo.relay you get all the flexibility of a duo.sprint and the rigidity of a backwall system.

The duo.relay is a backwall stand using connected banner stands with physical connectors and edge magnets for a perfect edge-to-edge connection. The duo.relay creates an 8’, 10’ or 20’+ seamless graphic backwalls at a fraction of the cost of a traditional pop-up display. The duo.relay can reach a height of 98''.


Trade shows - eliminate clutter by featuring a new product at every show. The relay provides a nice flat look without curl that can occur with some larger graphics.

  The duo.relay is adaptable.
  Create 8', 10' or 20' backwalls
  Flexible heights up to 98"
  Add a second hardware connector set for double sided display
  Change graphics on site.

 telescopic poles- legs are permanently attached by spring cord. maximum height 98".
 Banner stands in transport case: rugged black cloth covers and rigid interior support for shipping
 Self-adhesive notched aluminium hangers & kickers (size varies by need)
 Connection pieces clipped on the notched aluminium hangers & kickers
 Self-adhesive aluminium mid-braces
 Magnetic tape for the edge-to-edge connection

Budget crunchers. You'll even save on shipping costs over other display systems too.

Pricing: visit for current pricing

duo.relay Kit 2 includes 2 banner stands and connect 2
mounting hardware for 2 graphics (specify hangar & kicker size)


duo.relay Kit 3 includes 3 banner stands and connect 3 mounting hardware for 3 graphics (specify H&K size)


duo.relay Kit 4 includes 4 banner stands and connect 4 mounting hardware for 4 graphics (specify H&K size)


Floodlights with Transport Case, 1 pair 200w Halogen

OCL wheeled case (16’’x 55’’OD)


duo.relay rotomoulded container (cannot accept 48’’ width graphics)



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