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Case Study: Building a Brand: Rosevine Winery

A new franchise for Rosevine Winery, Let's Make Wine was opening in West Palm Beach. They wanted a complete identity that would reflect their individual market, and also include the HQ corporate logo and slogan.

Hometown News (local) Grand opening ad

Grand opening email blast (screen capture of body)

Over 120 people showed up for the Grand Opening party and registered for the mailing list on site.

Corporate Invitation - flyer for local handout & leave behind

Tasting Card - BEFORE & AFTER- At the store- It is now very easy to read, flexible to use in different types of sales situations. As a reference to take home- The solid color background makes it easy to find among other papers and the card stock is durable. The whole look and feel match the quality of the wine tasting experience the customer had in the store. Contact information to call in an order is also handy.

Business Cards- again the solid color background makes it stand out among others


The Knot, a local magazine 1/2 page horizontal ad. This ad really stood out among all other advertising.


Direct Mail Postcard 6x11 on 12 pt card stock with UV coating

With this design, we wanted to do something completely different. By conveying just one message- free bottle of wine- we were sure to capture the recipients attention.




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