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UPDATE 11/7/2005 7:00 A.M.

Operational Report We have resumed normal operations post -Wilma.

Hurricane preparedness plan public notice

Schantz Inc.’s Florida marketing headquarters is located in a hurricane evacuation area. Details below for:

Decision to close
Email access
Emergency contact

Decision to close
At the HURRICANE WATCH level, offices will begin preparations for a closing. No new projects will be accepted as staff will be busy with hurricane preparation.

Your projects in progress- All projects in progress will be completed and shipped out within 24 hours or you will be notified via phone. Packaging printing/fulfillment is done in the NY plant and will not be affected.

Data protection - All active digital art projects are backed up to an out of state location.

Internet hosting
Web servers are not located in Florida and are not likely to be affected by natural disasters. With redundant back-up any disruption in service is likely due to hub issues that are out of our control, not your server. This happened several years ago when 2 major US Internet network hubs went down, leaving a large portion of the USA without Internet connections, slow connection service, or errors for accessing many web sites. If we host your email and you are also evacuated, you can access your email from anywhere at Enter user name (your email address) and password.

Offices will be closed at the issuance of a Hurricane Warning and we will evacuate. Offices will remain closed a minimum of 48 hours, and the earliest return will be 1 business day after the hurricane has passed through Southeast Florida. In the event of a direct hit (between Fort Lauderdale and Delray Beach) by a Category 3 hurricane we may be closed for up to a week while we attend to personal matters and open an alternate location.

Because we will be safely out of the area, we anticipate being able to update our web site with any hurricane damage and further communication instructions. If your business suffers damage and you need assistance with internal and external customer communication via Internet or email, we’ll help you.

PREPARE NOW: If we do not host your web site, we will need FTP instructions to access your web site, with read/write/delete permissions activated. If your site contains FLASH or animated graphics we will also need the original Macromedia Flash/Fireworks or Adobe Photoshop application files. Typically this is not on the server so you should obtain this from your graphic artist in advance. Email management is a separate admin access we’ll need login information for.

Emergency Contact: Please send work requests to webmaster at

Thank you,
Christine Speedy

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