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March 2004

Bulletin content:
 stopping unwanted junk mail
 bulk email legislation
 do not call list

Would you like to eliminate junk email generated from addresses posted on your web site?
With a new software release I can scramble/encrypt your email addresses on your web site. It turns your email address into garbled text so that robots collecting email addresses cannot recognize it. When your audience clicks on the email link it still works perfectly. I have tested it on two sites successfully and am ready to implement on yours. This does not affect database addresses since robots cannot get access to those.
There is a one time charge to provide this service current customers. With this offer I will scramble any web pages added later for FREE. offer valid for 30 days. send an email to and type
________ YES, SCRAMBLE MY EMAIL for $90 per domain name
________ Not right now, but ask me again next time you update our web site

There are currently 50 bills pending in congress, far more than any other subject matter including health care and medicare. If Schantz Inc. developed your web site, the privacy policy complied with the latest browser technologies and DMA policies at that time. If your policies have changed, I recommend a quick review. Any time you collect information there should be a link to your privacy policy.

To be in compliance with current DMA guidelines, security is not only getting permission to use collected information, but also protecting data. (That's your internal network.)
Bulk email legislation- spam laws
Over 28 states have enacted anti-spam laws, and 11 federal bills are pending to preempt state laws. Without a federal bill businesses will be unlikely to send legitimate email nationally. Effective 1/1/04 California law prohibits all commercial email.

do not call list
The DMA"s position is that they do not oppose the list, but oppose the government managing it. The DMA has operated a do not call list for 18 years at a cost of under $900,000 annually. Our government burned through $21M through 2003 to develop their flawed system.

Web site development
We have continued investing heavily in software and training staff for both print and web. You will benefit from faster production time- that means lower costs and faster turnaround to you. We can also do more 'cool' things economically.

Special thanks to Robert Weintzen, President & CEO of the Direct Marketing Association for sharing facts on some of the key issues above. If there is other information you would like to see in the future, please let me know.

Customers regularly ask for html email. That's the pretty kind with pictures and graphics. The truth is, studies continue to show that most people prefer text email. If you need to express a mood, then use html. If you are sending company news or anything else, use text.

How to create the html email? What can you use to manage emails? Because this is an ongoing request, I have taken some time to evaluate one program that I have received a lot of information on.

Constant Contact. After nearly two hours, I had my emails in the system and my first html email was still incomplete. (You don't have a choice. The default is html email and if the recipient cannot accept it, an alternate text email is delivered. With practice, I'm sure I could speed it up a little, but not too much.

What's good?
You can preview before you send.
You can upload email addresses from a database.
Templates are supplied for the non-creative types.
You can maintain opt-in, opt-out easily.

What's bad?
It's is time consuming to use.
You cannot look at all email addresses and adjust the category. You have to remove each one individually from all categories and then add back in to whatever you want. Or you can remove all addresses from an entire category
If you want to really control the text appearance and placement, you still need to know html.

CONCLUSION: With three hours work, I sent my one and only email using the system. I'd rather create an email from scratch, spending an hour or two to make it look exactly like I want. I'm betting that you'd prefer to send an old fashioned text email in a few minutes or pay someone to create a custom solution. I'd rate the solution a "D", non-usable for our customers based on our experience and customers needs expressed to us.

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