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'natural' search vs paid search

What Is A Natural Search?
A "natural" search describes the search results on any particular engine. These results are purported to be completely non-biased - meaning that the engine will not accept any amount of money to influence the rankings of an individual sites.

What Is a Paid Search?
Paid advertising appears in "sponsored" or "featured" results, in which higher positions are rewarded to the companies willing to pay the most per visitor.

Why Is Natural Search Important?
Savvy searchers who understand the difference between paid and natural results are more likely put natural results in a higher regard, much like a person reading a magazine would probably be more positively influenced by an article about a particular company than by a paid advertisement from the company.

In the SEO World Change is Constant
Yahoo's new SiteMatch program, which mixes some paid results with natural results, will no doubt educate some oblivious users as to what "sponsored results" actually are. More importantly, other search engines are likely to use this as a means of differentiation from Yahoo. AskJeeves announced that it was getting rid of its similar program the day after Yahoo's new program was unveiled, claiming that it was impossible to produce unbiased results using this methodology. Microsoft also recently claimed that they were taking steps to further differentiate paid results from natural results. No matter what the end result, one probable outcome of this new attention to paid search engine advertising is that more average searchers will learn the differences between paid and natural search results, and many will instinctively favor the latter.

Keys to improving your natural search results
  Lot's of content
  Links from quality sites to increase popularity
  multiple web sites (ONLY if you have more than one company)
  Length of time in search engines
  meta tags and lots of other 'code' your SEO marketing agency does for you
  SEO should not be an afterthought. When integrated at the time a site is being developed, results can be achieved faster and far more effectively than after a web site has been launched

What about the big guys?
Certainly there are advantages for big corporations- they have money, many sites that freely link to them as part , and large sites. But they are also encumbered by issues such as technology ( dynamic content) , inability to quickly make changes, and SEO is typically not a priority.

Pick keywords that you think people would use for your product or service. Who comes up? In almost any industry, there is room for your company to succeed with page one search results- naturally.

Christine Speedy
SEO Marketing Specialist

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