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SEO results- positioning without pay per click

If you have a web site, you've probably SPAM email for marketing your web site to get better search engine results - that is, coming up on PAGE ONE when a specific keyword is entered into a search engine.

This excerpt is one of my favorite misleading sales pitches:

More than 55 percent of all Internet purchases begin with a search engine, but 93 percent of these consumers do not look past the first two pages of search engine results.
Thirty-three percent of users think that if a company has a top ranking on a search engine, it is a leader in its field.
Are you a leader? You can be, and we want to help. We know that our business is very competitive. So I want to tell you right off, we are a performance-based company. This means that we are only successful if you are successful. For instance:
We have a CD duplication site with over 1391 number 1 positions and over 6232 top 10 positions.
We have a book resource site with more than 1000 number 1 positions and over 5225 top 10 positions. (44,000 search engine visitors in a few short months)
We even have a very niche pen site that has over 86 number 1 positions and over 556 top 10 positions.

Why is this misleading?

The top five search engines: Google (35%), MSN (15%), AOL (16%), Ask Jeeves (3.1%), Yahoo (28%) account for 97.1% of the search traffic share of market as of 2/200

With a typical 10-20 listings per page for each search return, there are a total of 50-100 possible page one search results to cover the RELEVANT search market. So the only way to get 1000 number 1 positions is to have listings in places that are likely completely irrelevant - they aren't used by the general population.

Our results

We recently developed a building contractor web site that achieved 29 page one positions for 7 different keyword combinations. Page one in the top 5 - where it counts. We paid a nominal fee for express submission. We did not pay for a Yahoo listing (currently $299) yet we have 7 page one positions.

Why this project worked - We developed it from scratch. Every word from the domain name to the page copy was written with search engine positioning considered as part of the process. Extensive research is conducted to determine the ACTUAL keywords people are using before we start. The purpose of the site was to develop leads FOR A LOCAL MARKET LIMITED TO A SMALL REGIONAL AREA. We used keyword phrases to bring them in and a response form to immediately capture prospects. This project demonstrated that you can use the Internet to target a local market.

How important are links?

To hear some SEO marketers, you can't succeed with out them. The above site achieved results within 40 days of launch and NO LINKS from any other sites. While exchanging links with popular sites is important, be aware that with Google, the more outgoing links you have, the more your link popularity score may be reduced. Therefore, links to your site are more influential when you do not have to link back.

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