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Search Engine News- How do I optimize my existing web site?

At Schantz Inc, we don't take on SEO for a site we have not built. Why not? There are a number of factors that will influence the time to improve results and the hours (dollars) to produce the work.

1. What is you current web site like- Your web site has many different attributes that contribute to its ability to rank well or not so well. If your site is poorly designed, contains frames (horrors!) or is written in Flash, a lot of work is needed to redesign your site to make it search engine friendly. If your site has very few quality incoming links, then more link development work is needed. The length of time your site has been online in it's current state will affect how quickly changes are likely. By adding just one page a month, you can boost your sites potential for quicker link improvement.

2. What Keywords are you Targeting? - Some keywords are less competitive than others. If you search Google for a keyword or keyword phrase, you'll see at the top of the results how many web pages are listed in those results. That is the amount of web sites that are competing with yours to reach top page placement for that keyword or keyword phrase. For example, the keyword phrase "web design" has approximately 322 million web pages listed in the results, whereas if you search for Fort lauderdale florida real estate Flash web designer there are only 134,000 web pages listed in the results.

We use tools such as wordtracker, to find out approximately how many searches are performed for a given keyword or keyword phrase. The more competitive those keywords are, the higher the cost will be to optimize your web site and the longer the optimization will take.

3. What is your Target Market? - It's generally easier to target a regional market than a global marketplace. It's also generally easier to promote a product to that appeals to a small group of people than the global population. For example, the keyword phrase "web designer " will require a lot more effort to reach top page placement for than "web designer in Fort Lauderdale Florida" or Fort lauderdale florida real estate web designer for new home builders.

4. What is your competition doing? Real estate is a very crowded industry with many players paying service companies to improve their rankings. Therefore if you move up, you'll often find that your site goes up and down as your competitors respond. In other less industries such as packaging printers, there are fewer competitors and even fewer who have their own SEO campaigns.

5. What will you do to start your own SEO campaign and maintain it- A one shot deal can often get good results, but over time rankings will be eroded as competitors step up their efforts.

There are many factors that affect rankings. The conditions (engines and their workings plus your web site and other sites) are constantly changing. Christine Speedy has 10 years of SEO experience. It's that background and the constant weekly education that help guide our ability to deliver results. The hourly effort to improve your web site rankings can be extraordinary, or it could be that just adding some standards such as good title and meta tags will make a difference for you. When we build a site from scratch, we can implement many SEO friendly items into our design. We prefer to work with those who want the whole package-doing SEO & design right the first time.



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